Frances Lynch

Full name

Frances Wood Gove Lynch

Alternative names

Frances G. Lynch, Frances Woodgrove, Frances W. Gove-Lynch

Presence at Shimer


Presence on Earth



Academy period alum

Frances Lynch, née Frances Wood Gove, was a student at Shimer College in the early Academy period, from 1899 to 1901. She was the grandniece of Frances Shimer, for whom she was named, and the granddaughter of Mrs. Shimer's brother Cyril Wood.

After leaving Shimer, she worked for a time at the post office in St. Louis. She later married Cecil Shannon Lynch, who became a highway official in Arkansas; they were engaged on September 5, 1913.[1] They lived in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, where they both are buried. They had two daughters, Mary Maxwell Lynch Bigham (b. 1915) and Cecile Frances Lynch Grandjean (b. 1926).

Mrs. Lynch's brother was the engineer Henry Shimer Gove; he and Cecil Shannon Lynch studied engineering at the University of Missouri around the same time.[2]

Shimer connectionsEdit


  • in Oread of August 1893, p. 31:
    Mrs. Byers' sister, Mrs. Etta Wood Gove, resides in Cramer also. This winter there came to Mrs. Shimer the photograph of Mrs. Gove's daughter, a bright faced child of seven bearing the name of Frances Wood Gove.
  • in Frances Shimer Record of October 1911, p. 24:
    Announcement has been received of the marriage of Frances Wood Gove to Cecil Shannon Lynch, September 5, at Richland, Mo. Mr. and Mrs. Lynch will reside at Columbia, Mo.
  • in Shimer College Record 53:1 (April 1961), pp. 13-14:
    FRANCES WOOD GOVE LYNCH (great-niece of Francis [sic] Shimer) wrote special greetings from Pine Bluff, Ark. to Miss Hostetter after receiving the last RECORD. About the same time a letter came from her brother, Henry Shimer Gove, Vero Beach, Fla. -- "Greetings to Shimer Alumni Association. Please do not debar me from membership by checking your graduate lists for the name. My membership is one of spirit only -- the spirit of my mother, Etta Wood, Frances Wood Shimer's niece; who with her mother and sister Ida lived at the Seminary for a number of years; my grandfather being brother to Frances Wood -- he being Cyril Lewis Wood. My mother attended the Seminary for a number of years, though not a graduate. She painted; certain of her landscapes are still in the Conservatory, I believe. My older sister, Frances Wood Gove, attended Shimer in 1899-1901.