Florence Botsford

Full name

Florence Hudson Topping Botsford

Alternative names

Floy Topping

Presence at Shimer


Presence on Earth

1868–1954 [1]


Seminary period alum

Florence Botsford, née Florence Topping, was a student at Shimer College in the Seminary period, graduating in 1888, and serving as instructor of "voice culture" in 1888-1889.[2] She later became the author of numerous collections of international folk music, notably the Botsford Collection of Folk Songs (1922).

Shimerian connectionsEdit

  • She was the daughter of Sanford Topping, whose testimonial for the school was published in numerous editions of the Oread.
  • Sister of Shimer alum Dorothy Topping (class of 1894)


  • The announcement of her marriage to Charles Hull Botsford of New York City was published in the July 1893 Oread


  • By the Society of Folk Dance Historians
  • in August 1890 Oread:
    Since sending our personals to press we have received a copy of The Republican (Ottawa, Kansas) which reports the Ottawa Assembly. Much space is given to Miss Topping, the soloist of the assembly. They pleasantly mention her as a graduate of Mt. Carroll Seminary. We quote from the Topeka Daily Capitol when we say "Miss Florence Topping, with her sweet soprano voice, has succeeded in captivating the assembly. Her solos are conceded by everyone to be one of the very best features of the assembly. Every selection given by her during the past week has received the most generous response. Miss Topping possesses a wonderfully clear and sweet voice. The best critics who have heard Miss Topping predict that she is destined to achieve great honors as a soprano soloist."


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