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This is the image of the full or partial text of an article entitled "Prof Hazzens Whittier", printed in the Rockford Register of 1885-03-11. This article is in the public domain, because it was published in the United States before 1923.


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en toV*ooi but a protest in HUrUt , —James Jiusee The select audience that gathered in the Christian Unlonlectdreroomlafltevenlng ipassed a pleasing and' profitable hour ini reviewing the life and genius of John GreenleAf WhHtleiri'.the venerated Qdfeker

, ble requifil^ot’thp, lecture platform,, en* thuela»m;in his subject, A etartling super-alvi^ay0. int^eats ’^on; &udiwce;;>l* though ii?pafty pot combed the assent ot, their judgmenti bu^ when Mr, Hazzen c^arftoterlzeV hlS*’ eut'j eot m 'an, American i BiirnjB, ib^i wd»t itxprougbjy ^iQ.erlpan In every fiber of his-genius v of >' any poet this countryl: as pjfodtiCed, there’. ire • few that Will question his acc'tiracy. The lecture, reviewed the origin and devel-opmcnt'!'o"f :';thew Quakers ' At con* ,.slderabl*lM; length,,. jindlngv, < ln that people, in their moralJearnestnesB and de* yotlon to1 a plain way oMljfe, the natural 'and logical. de of thort,^.*!141#!0* mind and jbeart frhlch' are mojrt oheraotpr« Istlo of Whittier. Me was an Inevitable poet, not1 made:by; the culture 6f the flohools or the lnfluenc6 of Hterpry.;aflSocl-aj(loi>» but, one; Who merely Mlpw^te bent of native genius. As apoet'Whlttler was as: thoroughly Amerloan’And'aA |;enu> Ihe a produot of jfroe rep^l^ljlj^fio* tion as was Lldcoiri among statesmen or Grefl ty, among 'journAllsts.' He'was an Abolitionist* WhenthAt woird marked the )0West'depth of jpbpulA^ contempVwhte^ desire freedom fon all menilnourboftiteq republic was to accept social obloquy to4


indlgnatlonoffreedom’strueand uadaunfc ed Apostle. The world has produced few ’poets of more eloquent1 lyrlcAl power! The earnestness of the man in A noble cause ^Infu.sed' ve«,6e" ^ltb’tfce flre'^iad pawlo^ tfiiai ^lobgB to.iriiio poe^y ^ndi'wbloh.dU' itlnguleheB Itftom thecounterfeltsfabrl-oated by fhe mioet Ingenious and cult&fed of mere word Artists;. ■

Prof. Hazzen hAe; met the poet In his home,f and- r'ecallejd the memCry of hie

osithln and spare in pbysical frame as Dr* Thomdsi the OhioAgo biiritlcfbut b^ ad "eye like An eAgle,"' flehad remark.

i&Q ; to

Whloh he suffered hAdpr.obably ocoupled half the hours of hip life, but Age And Buffering hAve not subdued bis dAuntieBS spirit. There l6 ylt ‘,flre In his eye, nerve in his Arm, pluck in his heArt and* beauty; In hUsouJ," 'So pure'apd splr* Huai is his, life, tb«t . It will be difficult to note whefe the; '^Arthly ehds'And• the heavenly .i ^;*j: \ ' "^he processor ctdledVf.ttention to') the, fact that the' finest produbtlons oftWhlt-tlW’spoetlo; geiil 'of co&*

M .onlyv r^qulrlng:^ 5 tSe;

reader common sense and wound ^eatV’j

man's Journal,>Mbe reoord of' th6 work of,

to set; up^ one of/hls/chaxAoterlstlo but rather Arbitrary classification* t There are fdurJxx^B that ;on eye;y tAble ioi, frequent, wadipg^Baoon’s Euaya, George Herbert’s Poems, Keble*s ‘‘Ohrfi*;

,nal'; I&Mq.' rifgjfe'"ipfglt.:tai .would include ..with, these, Emerson's •uConduot of Life,1’ Ayid '04riyle’s6riflirb

' There were numerous oharActerlstlc and

!)6,‘utSfe^%^ ^o^enj 1^9 ^®i;^Pw*'e,,(0iw^|,atlng Proft.HAZ-i zen's Ideas regArdmghlotVtout therels' no; toore1'1 acourate or ^^fdi aiti6rto'V\B6r.

,drAwn;pt h|msAlf in the following stAn^ss t

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their' le£

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