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  • in 1963, American Nazi Party leader George Lincoln Rockwell spoke at an assembly organized by the Politics Club.[1] Accounts of the assembly vary; it is recounted in Harold Henderson's 1988 story "Big Ideas" as follows:
    The Shimer students' Politics Club decided to liven things up in Mount Carroll by inviting George Lincoln Rockwell, then head of the American Nazi Party, to speak on campus. The administration inadvertently guaranteed Rockwell a full house by recommending that students stay away. Not that it mattered; Rockwell obviously had no idea what he was getting into: "Don't you feel good when your football team wins?" he bellowed at the assembled readers of the Great Books. They hooted back, "We don't have a football team." "Well, your basketball team, then." Triumphantly: "We have the national record for the longest losing streak in basketball."


  1. American Jewish Council (1964). "American Jewish Year Book" (PDF). Retrieved 2012-05-13. 

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