Etta Gove

Full name

Etta Wood Gove

Presence at Shimer



Seminary period alum, Academy period parent

Etta Wood Gove was a student at Shimer College during the Seminary period, graduating in 1881. She was a niece of Frances Shimer.

Gove's daughter Frances Gove attended Shimer during the early Academy period. Gove also had a son, Henry Shimer Gove, who was the recipient of a small bequest in the Henry Shimer will.

Mentioned inEdit

  • Frances Shimer Quarterly 1:1
    Mrs. Etta Wood Gove, '81, niece of Mrs. Shimer, whose daughter, Frances, spent three years in the Academy, now resides in Richland, Mo. She has expressed much interest in the forthcoming quarterly. Her daughter, Frances, was recently occupying a good position in an office in St. Louis.

Further inquiryEdit

  • "Etta Wood" places high in Canandaigua school exams 1874-1875: [1]. Same person?

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