Emma Loveland

Full name

Emma Tomlinson Loveland

Presence at Shimer


Presence on Earth



Seminary period alum


Mount Carroll, IL
Dixon, IL

Emma Loveland, née Emma Tomlinson, was a student at Shimer College in the Seminary period, graduating in 1872.

On October 13, 1880, she married George C. Loveland.[1] Loveland was a dry-goods merchant in Dixon, but they had met when he was working in an auction business in Mount Carroll.[2]

In April 1921, she and her husband donated a "collection of curios" to the Dixon Public Library.[3] After their deaths, the provisions of the Loveland will provided for the Loveland Community House in Dixon, which was completed in 1940.[4]


  • in "Loveland Community House", Lee County Historical Society, retrieved 2012-01-04:
    George Loveland was born in Dixon on Feb. 14, 1847. He lived in Mt. Carroll for a brief time where he was a partner in an auction business. It was there that he would meet the woman that later he would marry, Emma Tomlinson, on Oct. 13, 1880. She was born in that community on Jan. 13, 1852.
    Mr. and Mrs. Loveland would spend their entire lives in Dixon and vicinity, becoming vitally interested in the progress of this community. Mr. Loveland at the age of 81 died here in June of 1928 and Mrs. Loveland departed this life nine years later in 1937.



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