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Elaine Vincent was the Director of Admission at Shimer College from 2006 to 2009, and returned to that role in August 2012.[1] During the 2006-2009 period, her work included negotiating Shimer's first articulation agreement, beginning the use of enrollment management software, and tripling the size of the entering class.

Vincent's firing by Thomas Lindsay in early 2009 was a key event in setting off the events of 2009-2010, leading ultimately to Lindsay's ouster in April 2010.


  • in "Shimer College students vs. college's president", Stephanie Saviola, Columbia Chronicle, 2010-04-12:
    According to the Shimer Alumni Alliance, the college’s new president, Thomas Lindsay, fired the director of admissions, Elaine Vincent, and quickly replaced her with a candidate who was rejected during a previous hiring process.
    “The president cut out all the extra steps,” said Nate Lefebvre, a 2008 graduate and member of the Shimer Alumni Alliance. “He didn’t consult with the assembly and have meetings. It’s been indicative of what has been going on across the board [over the past few months].”


  • on LinkedIn
  • in "New Director of Admission", 2012-08-13:
    Shimer College is pleased to announce that Elaine Vincent will be leading our enrollment effort beginning Tuesday, August 14. Elaine is a seasoned admission professional who has worked with institutions in the United States and abroad to increase admission by 10-15 percent. As many of you know, Elaine was Admission Director at Shimer from 2006-2009 and returns just after the graduation of one of the largest classes in recent Shimer history, which she recruited.


  1. "New Director of Admission". 

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