Ed Noonan
Ed Noonan seated speaking

Full name

Edward J. Noonan

Presence at Shimer


Presence on Earth



Chicago period staff, Waukegan period trustee

Ed Noonan served as the interim president of Shimer College until July 1, 2012, when he was succeeded by Susan Henking. He is also an architect, the chairman of the board of Chicago Associates Planners & Architects, and was the lead architect in the Tryon Farm development near Michigan City, Indiana.

Noonan has been associated with Shimer College since the 1990s, when he served as a trustee, consulted on campus improvement, and taught a course called "Shimer Space." He was named an emeritus trustee in 2000. Following the removal of Thomas Lindsay from the position of president of Shimer College, Noonan was appointed interim president effective April 20, 2010.

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