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David Neidorf was a junior member of the faculty at Shimer College during the 1989-1990 academic year, and Shimer's May 2011 commencement speaker.

After leaving Shimer, he taught from 1991 to 2001 at St. Mary's College of California, in the Integral Program.[1] In 2008, Neidorf became president of Deep Springs College, where he had been Dean since 2005.[1]

Profiles and mentionsEdit

  • Inside Higher Ed: Sudden Departure at Deep Springs
  • "David Neidorf: Visiting Professor of Humanities" in Deep Spring College Alumni Newsletter, Winter 2005 (PDF), pages 4-5.
    Neidorf ’s spontaneity and creativity manifest themselves in the classroom as well as on the road. He often makes adaptations in his syllabi to accommodate the needs and interests of his students. But he isn’t a pushover. Iris Pope recalls that once, when a student asked him about his policy on late papers, David replied, “There is no policy on late papers. I don’t accept them.” This combination of open-mindedness and high expectations is one of the reasons he has been so popular over the years.


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