Davenport Gazette.1884-01-25.Mount Carroll Seminary and Conservatory of Music

This is the ocr text of an article from page 8 of the Friday, January 25, 1884 issue of the Davenport Gazette titled "Mount Carroll Seminary and Conservatory of Music".

II Carroll Sndanrt Coirsemtorr of Meid

(Mount Carroll, Carroll County7, Ill.)

On tie l!a»of Chicago, Jlllwrtw Jt Si Pul «a*7 of ao&m. Oj«f Ulrt)

2f*t j-«*r tMfr wt PriarlHd. «, li®. TV j*»« I* »Xr< hr tKtity

ui hfalikntMiM, ^Uw.>■ i> »cwOTrtMlci«>M<pwt«twa)t<»«tfmw

can S« i'«w|ilrlrl)'f>ir*l*kH for cl^Jnc "•!•*■*■*•* Hiiatjif*? laClawlcal, Xl«c-

tlv» no<3 yarzntl Coarp** o? Swdr, *Ico 5a Mwwlr »*d Art. 1*» Xtnnl l*» fc*

firnniilM of TeitdH-n* «-ltl 3u> M'ftr* of ><V«iiUrj *M, kw briped Jmadrpda ©t wwtbrrti}^8t*,«1tif>jii*31i3>»»aNtoi»}<rFp*r*ao« for «j*fal»«<9. Twltto* ftw to o»? feartft froa <%ci» Corcatj- U U* JSonhwwl. »afl *rrrm f»ti TVrrn^Jilp la enroll Oroty. The TYIdcJ;*!, la thirty tpstk" »pal«BCf, la>Mmw>lk»(H ■»■ |»rrp»w~w yiltwm. Xfm dap «kH> a* «(r«l to r^i«ir^r>%fTc<T fvixSn. ml jit ft liw ?aJoy«iI % Mrwlf krtlthy fttntfi ud fllttt HOWrity. "•rri4» »It», slttof fall w«lciilM» ICrtVsJoroM. AMnn rritdwl.

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