Based on the Triennial Catalogue for 1860-1862 ( ).


Primary Course (1 year)

Willson's Reading:

Sanders' Spelling:

Spencerian System Writing: (not this edition)

Stoddard's Primary Arithmetic:

Colton & Fitch's Geography:

Clark's Primary Grammar:

Quackenbos' Primary History:

Willson's Primary History:

Jane Taylor's Primary Physiology:


Academic Course (3 years)

Year 1

Stoddard's Intellectual Arithmetic:

Stoddard's Practical Arithmetic:

Robinson's Practical Arithmetic:

Colton & Fitch's Geography:

Clark's English Grammar:

Wells' Familiar Science:

Willson's US History:

Bullion's Latin Grammar:

Latin Reader: (?)

Cutter's 1st Book of Physiology:

Quackenbos' Composition:

Willson's Ancient Geography: (? -- no book found by Willson called "Ancient Geography") (not this edition)

Year 2

Davies' Elementary Algebra:

Fulton & Eastman's Single Entry Bookkeeping:

Fitch's Physical Geography:

Bullion's Latin Grammar:


Bullion's Greek Grammar:

Fulton & Eastman's Double Entry Bookkeeping: (single book)

Taylor's Ancient History:

Cutter's Anatomy Physiology & Hygiene:

Stoddard & Henkle's Algebra:

Cooper's Latin:



Year 3

Davies' Legendre's Geometry:

Gray's Natural Philosophy:

Quackenbos' Rhetoric:

Cicero's Orations:


Youmans' Chemistry:

Gray's Botany:

Lincoln's Livy:

Owen's Odyssey:

Burritt's Astronomy:

Bullions' Latin Grammar:


Owen's Iliad:

Collegiate Course

Year 1

Stoddard & Henkle's Higher Algebra:

Gillespie's Trigonometry & Surveying:

Hitchcock's Geology & Mineralogy: (?)

Wayland's Political Economy:

Willson's History of the Middle Ages (??)

Xenophon's Memorabilia:

Butler's Analogy:

Wayland's Intellectual Philosophy:


Sophocles & Prose Comp.: ?? (Possible Sophocles: ) (Possible prose composition: )

Chambers' Zoology:

Euripides: (?)


Year 2

Wayland's Moral Science:

Kame's Elements of Criticism: (probably not this edition)

Whately's Logic:

Tacitus: (?)

Plato contra Atheos:

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