Center Stage Theater basement of Hathaway with set lay our for Dark of the Moon

Properly Centre Stage Theater, with set plot for Dark of The Moon

Lighting equipment for Green Curtain consisted of 12-6" Fresnels at 500w each and 6-6" Elipsoidal spots at 750w each. Timber Lake Playhouse would lend Green Curtain an additional 6 of each type and in the summer Green Curtain would lend their lights to TLP. There were also 4 strips, 4 cans and 2 olivetts.

There were 8 2500w Autotransformers in two banks of 4, 6 1000-2000w rheostats in a gang of 6 and 7 1kw autotransformers as lighting equipment.

As each production tended to use a different stage of platforms bolted together, lighting changed for each show.

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