Carrie Mason

Full name

Carrie E. Pratt Mason

Alternative names

Cara Pratt Mason, Mrs. Alexander O. Mason, Carra Mason

Presence at Shimer


Presence on Earth



Seminary period alum


Kewanee, IL
Highland Park, IL

Carrie Mason, née Carrie Pratt, was a student at Shimer College in the Seminary period, graduating in 1874. She was the eldest of the three children of Louisa Sloan Mason and Kewanee postmaster Norman H. Pratt.[1] As a performer and composer, she used the names Cara Pratt Mason and [Mrs.] A.O. Mason.

Some time after graduating from the Seminary, she traveled to Europe, attending the Conservatory of Music at Stuttgart, where she graduated in 1879. She also graduated from the Neue Akademie der Tonkunst in Berlin in 1880, and studied under Franz Liszt at Weimar in the same year. Following her European studies, she lived with her parents in Kewanee while teaching music; the 1880 census finds her there.[1] In 1882, she married Alexander Osborne Mason in Kewanee, having made his acquaintance during her travels; they subsequently lived in Highland Park, Illinois, and had five children.[2][3]

No location is given for her in early issues of the Frances Shimer Quarterly, suggesting that she had lost contact with her alma mater.[2] Her Woman's Who's Who entry likewise only indicates education in "Chicago": [4].

Mason died on September 30, 1917, in Highland Park.[3]


  • in the January 1881 Oread, page 9:
    Miss Pratt of the class of '74 has lately returned from Europe, where she has spent three years in the study of music. We have before us a programme of a benefit concern given in Galesburg in which she took a leading part. In her are united real musical ability and persevering industry, so we doubt not she fully meets the expectation of her friends as a musical artist.



  • in Woman's Who's Who, 1915, p. 546:
    MASON, Cara Pratt (Mrs. Alexander Osborne Mason), "Comely Bank," Highland Park. Ill. Born Kewanee, Ill., Sept. 12. 1855; dau. Norman Hyde and Louisa A. (Sloan) Pratt; ed. In Chicago and Europe; grad. Conservatory of Music, Stuttgart, '79; Neue Academie der Tonkunst, Berlin, '80; pupil of Dr. Lebert and Dionyse Pruckner (court pianist of Würtenburg) and of Theodore Kullak (court pianist of Prussia); mem. class of Franz Liszt, Weimar, '80; m. Kewanee, Ill., Sept. 3, 1882, Alexander Osborne Mason; children: James Alexander, Norman Clifford, Marion Louise, Archibald Osborne, Blanche Adalina Van Dyke. Baptized and educated in the Protestant Episcopal Church; became a member of the Unitarian Church of Jenkin Lloyd Jones of Chicago, 1886. Favors woman suffrage. Composer (songs): Awakening; The Year's at the Spring; A Song of Life; Flower in the Crannied Wall; Seven Songs from "The Silence of Love"; Short Songs from Many Lands; Three Serious Songs. Instrumental: Minuet, Sarabande, Nocturne (piano); Fantasie, Capriccio (violin), and others. Writer of poems. Recreations: Flowers, garden, music, poetry, travel. Mem. Chicago Woman's Club, Chicago Amateur Musical Club (pres. 1911, 1912); honorary mem. Nat. Federation of Musical Clubs.



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