Blendon Kneale
Blendon Kneale 1962

Full name

Blendon Kneale

Presence on Earth


studied at

Minneapolis School of Art


Academy period faculty

Blendon A. Kneale was an art instructor at Shimer College during the late Academy period and early Great Books period. He studied at the Minneapolis School of Art from 1927 to 1931.[1] He was born and died in Mount Carroll, marrying Armella Cramer there in 1932. From 1948 to his death in 1968, they lived together in a red barn on College Street.

Kneale taught at Shimer from 1940 to 1943, and again beginning in 1946. He also held the title of "Artist in Residence."

Shimer relationsEdit



  1. Frances Shimer Record 42:1 (1950), page 9

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