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Barbara Stone
Barb stone 2012

Full name

Barbara Suzanne Grossmann Stone

Alternative names

Barb Stone, Barbara S. Stone

Presence at Shimer



University of Massachusetts 1972


Northwestern University 1976


Northwestern University 1985


Waukegan-Chicago period faculty

Barbara Stone is a professor at Shimer College, where she joined the faculty in 1985 after completing her Ph.D. in German Language and Culture at Northwestern University.


Brief description

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Barbara Stone (b. 1951) is a professor at Shimer College in Chicago and a scholar of German literature. Her works include Adalbert Stifter and the Idyll (1989). She received her undergraduate education at the University of Massachusetts and her doctorate from Northwestern University. At Shimer, Stone has also filled numerous administrative posts and has served multiple terms as Dean of the College. (from Shimer College Wiki)


Writings about Shimer


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