From Aratus Kent to AHMS, transcribed by Rodney Nelson.

Galena April 20, 1852

I called on Br. Gray on my way back from Presbytery at Rock Island and found him feeble but able to supply his people.

Providence has changed the aspect of things very materially at Mt. Carrol and glorious work of Grace has been enjoyed there in which I think Br. G. had laboured faithfully and managed judiciously in trying circumstances.

I was quite discouraged about his labours there but he seems to have pulled off his coat and thrown off secular business and has done well at Carrol, I have no hesitation in recommending that he have 200 for this year to be commissioned for Carrol County. In the mean time I have urged him to supply Buffalo Grove for the present as he has great influence there. Our Presbytery has recommended to Br. Holt to go to Buffalo Grove and Dixon, but it is quite doubtful whether he would be acceptable and besides he is expecting a call from Montrose.

Yours affectionately,

A. Kent

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