Andrea Proudfoot

Full name

Andrea Hofer Proudfoot

Presence at Shimer


Presence on Earth

1866–1949 [1]


Seminary period alum

Andrea Proudfoot, nee Andrea Hofer, was a student at Shimer College in the Seminary period, attending from 1885 to 1887. She was one of four Hofer sisters to attend the Seminary. She authored several books of poetry, and in 1913 she founded an organization called the League of International Amity, of which she served as president.[1]

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  • [2]
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  • by Laurie R. Cohen, in "Across a Feminist-Pacifist Divide: Baroness Bertha von Suttner's tour of the United States in 1912", p. 91, n27:
    Andrea Hofer Proudfoot (1865-1949) had lived in Vienna prior to this trip. In 1913 she founded the League of International Amity. In July 1915 she, along with Jane Addams, Carrie Chapman Catt, and others spoke in San Francisco at the "International Conference of Women Workers to Promote Permanent Peace." After World War I, Proudfoot, as Secretary of the American Committee For Vienna Relief in Chicago, was awarded the Eiserne Salvator-Medaille (Iron Salvator Medal) from the City of Vienna, cf. Amtsblatt der Stadt Wien, Nov. 2, 1921, 1347; and the "silbernes Ehrenzeichen" (Silver Insignia of Honour) from the Republic of Austria; cf. Austrian State Archives (OeStAJ, AA/AdR/Orden und Ehrenzeichen, 1918-1938, K 45, Folder 1/1/2-24.

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