Alton Telegraph.1878-10-03.Mt Carroll Seminary

This is the ocr text of an article from the Thursday, October 3, 1878 issue of the Alton Telegraph titled "Mt Carroll Seminary".

Mt. Carroll Seminary*


Opeai tU ath year BepL. Uth. Ei^dm ndittd. AooommodkUoni of tha b«L Coaisa of stady oompltu ud tborongb.

IU JTomwil DtpartnrvA lYur.Her't provision. for tb« prep*r»Uon «f Mtcb«n,ud •Id of worthy yoant won®, m *J»o It* m*nu*l l*lx>f departa«nt, v« illitluiaUh-lit fool area of th* vchooL,

IU Stutieal Corumvatory ronkl UDOCf tfw t«*t Tto uth tMoben of matte. *ad

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