Letter from Adelia Joy to John M. Rinewalt, dated Wednesday, February 15, 1893.

[Mount Carroll Seminary letterhead]

De Land, Feb. 15, 1893

Mr. Rinewalt,

I add a word not on business. We have just returned from attending some most interesting exercises. I enclose a program which explains. Mr. Stetson has been liberal in his donations and now new buildings, pleasant grounds, apparatus, & books have come to be the property of the college of which the state may well be proud. Of course, others have given, but Mr. Stetson has been the chief donor.

It has been warm enough for June here to-day. I have been without wraps all day. My thoughts have often wandered to our work in Mt. Carroll, with, I confess, not a little sadness. I can but feel that some way will be open eventually but what way I can not now see.

Mrs. Shimer bore the journey as well as we could expect. Mrs. Truman has been very miserable indeed during the winter. She is beginning to feel a little better.

I am happy to say we find Mrs. Shimer's business here in a good condition. Her fruit was sold at the best time possible I guess. Returns good. The trees are looking well, much better than we expected after the severe cold of the winter.

Remember Mrs. Shimer and myself to the other members of the firm—also to your other partner.

Very truly,

A.C. Joy

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