Adelia Joy
Adelia C Joy

Full name

Adelia C. Joy

Presence at Shimer


Presence on Earth

1844–1903 [1]


Shepardson College 1869, 1893


Seminary period faculty, Seminary period staff

Adelia C. Joy was the associate principal of the Mount Carroll from 1872 until the end of the Seminary period in 1895. A close friend of Frances Shimer, Joy frequently accompanied her on her winter trips to De Land, Florida. Frances Shimer's will contained a provision for Joy to be buried in the Shimer plot at Oak Hill Cemetery, but this does not appear to have occurred.

Joy died in Davenport, Iowa, on October 11, 1903,[1] leaving a significant bequest to the school.

Joy was the daughter of Rev. Amariah Joy, for whom Joyfield Township in Benzie County, Michigan, is named.[2]

Profiled inEdit

  • Shimer College History (1853-1950):
    In 1872 Miss Adelia C. Joy, a native of Kennebunk, Maine, was invited to come to the Seminary as Associate Principal for one year and stayed twenty-five. A graduate of Shephardson College ('69), Granville, Ohio, she received an added degree there in 1893. A woman of cultivated mind, lofty ideals, sound judgment, queenly dignity and fine Christian character she aimed to train each student to make the most and best of herself. Her stately bearing and wealth of auburn hair made her an unforgettable figure. As Mrs. Shimer's health failed she leaned more and more heavily on her keen-minded, utterly loyal and capable associate, whose executive ability and tireless devotion to the school well nigh matched her own. Miss Joy is remembered for developing a broader policy of modern education at the Seminary.


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