Ackley Independent.1873-12-13.Mount Carroll Seminary

This is the ocr text of an article from the Saturday, December 13, 1873 issue of the Ackley Independent titled "Mount Carroll Seminary".


loiifF cl ROM/ sImInTkyI





KUV, J. I), SMITH iD, t>.



"We tool warranted in pronoun clnp; thi* Sirhool the Mtt Cnrnill Seminary, for nil the high* est purposes of cdueit-(■iun, 011 a of tho bent in our knowledge. * * we regard it us unBur-pdHsuil in the wept, whether ag repptfcts rhe judimimsnesH of tho discipline, or tho substantial value of the instruction."

Say# a reporter of tho Examination and Anivcrwiry ^ Exercises of lilfj J-CAf ulttKti r “The school Iin» never been Taller, nor did it- ' self more credit, thun at Hie close of the proa-cut year,1'

Say# the Examining Committee:—“Taken altogether, the cxercUcs domotislrntcd that the Ml. Carroll Seminary Ktill aland where it has stood for the last fifteen yearn, tho peer of any similar institution in tho Went, Tho ablo corps »f Tench ora, and the marvelous degrne of thoroughness with which everything attempted is curried through, aside from its many other attractions render ft a most desirable piece for a young lady to qualify herself for the duiios of life * * ft is no wonder the MmuuI On rrolT Seminary has uttninodits present high po#ittdn, mono of tho very best Bch'outs for young ladies in our land,"


W g confidently believe tlmt no Kimilnr Institution in the West ofin oUlp superior fueilitiM tf» th* >ho who wit»h to make Mt.’SIC A SPECIAL i'Y, Diplomas end Medals conferred on Student? completing tho course in Music. Twi'lvo conferred in one year. I he Musical department alone numbered 1 -5 pupils duvin*' one school year- Every pupil in Music receivcH daily lissons. L’riictioo from one to eight hour* daily, DRAWIXC CRAYOXS AXD PAIXTlXo'thoroughly taught. A TraidiorK* Cour* is arranged for those Imviiig'tVnchiii;; in view, and thtise completing it Kntisf-'-ctorily will reaehv « Tiiaohrr's Dipl num. 1‘i.crx iarv Am offered to tho worthy who arc needy, nud ivi.sli to prepare for usefulness. I*LfIJMC i’UJfOOL TKACllER.S, \y sam's lift Ye hern materially aided, nnd j«nnio entirely ortitcntcri under thin provision. I* Al/OHTERS of CLKRGl MKN' have a (ltNvumr i»f unn.iUird irorn »M t-x prunes execpt the Ornamental hrnnelies DAUGHTERS of SOt'PlfiUS who disd in s»iTviee, Imvr tut itoii j *;• in the English course, MAXQAJ* LABOR furnished those who wUh t K X TS AI) M IT T K 1> A T A X Y TIM B, :in 1 hi tin nnde from lima of fir*t enterin'. Expenses exeee liiutv oir.,l.*iMt<-fo advantages c«fFi*n*i1. A copy of the Oread, (the J?tu*ents Journal,) giving ptii'ti>*iilar?, will Rent runs to sill :nfor»ir

tion coneiTiun^ the hidiool, Knelo^r pontage and niidres*, Prlneipnl, at

mentions::Mount Carroll Seminary]], Carrcll County, Ill.

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