Abram Hostetter

Full name

Abram Bowman Hostetter

Alternative names

Abraham Bowman Hostetter, Abe Hostetter

Presence on Earth



Seminary period alum

Abram Bowman Hostetter was a student at Shimer College in the Seminary period. He is listed in the 1862 catalog, indicating that he attended for some part of the 1859-1862 academic years.

Abram was the son of Dr. Abraham Hostetter, an early Mount Carroll physician. He married Harriet Stackhouse Irvine, daughter of Methodist pastor and Seminary trustee John Irvine, Sr. After his wife's death in 1903, he moved in with his daughter Adaline Hostetter Bjorkquist in Duluth, MN.[1]

Shimer connectionsEdit


  • in Carroll County: A Goodly Heritage, 1968, "Abraham Hostetter Family":
    Abraham owned land east of the stone house, built East Wilderberg, married Harriett Irvin, and later moved to Springfield.



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